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Custom Built NDT Equipment, Testing Systems & Inspection Machines

Advanced NDT Solutions For Non-destructive Eddy Current & Ultrasonic Testing

Our staff knows that bringing a new vehicle to market – or improving the quality control process in manufacturing – is a top priority for you, so it becomes a top priority for us. You’ll find that Salem NDT eddy current systems are readily cost-justifiable because of their superior design and manufacture allows for longer and more effective service life. That translates into less downtime and productive uptime.

Eddy Current Systems Custom Designed & Built For Your Inspection Needs

Hardness Evaluation Systems: Hardness Measurement Machines For Evaluation of Hard Materials

Gauging Systems

Marking Systems

Vision Systems

Bar, Tube, Wire Systems

Salem Design and Manufacturing custom eddy current machines are tried and true. Our design team, manufacturing excellence, ongoing customer communications and constant testing provides you with a system to evaluate and characterize defects in various locations, geomtries and orientation.

Over the years, Salem NDT has faced many challenges in developing custom equipment to match the needs of specific industries wishing to test countless parts and materials. We have met each of those challenges successfully. While we have provided exceptional capabilities within multiple applications, machines and industries, if you don’t see the specific material or exact match for your specific inspection application – don’t worry. Chances are that our design engineers have handled material inspections with similar characteristics.

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