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Non Destructive Testing Machines

Non Destructive Testing is used in manufacturing applications to inspect and detect flaws in materials and components. If you need an NDT inspection machine for your facility, explore everything that Salem Design and Manufacturing has to offer.

Custom NDT Inspection Systems

Non Destructive Testing and Eddy Current techniques are used for a wide variety of applications in manufacturing. In particular, Eddy Current instruments and probes can be combined into a single machine to inspect metal alloys and structural flaws and defects.

Inspect large and small components

Automate detection of flaws & defects

Get 3D presentation of all flaws

NDT Solutions for Your Industry
Trusted by the world’s strongest brands

An NDT inspection system helps investigate for metal failures in small and large components using an automated solution

Meet all contractual obligations


Prevent lawsuits


Reduce flaws


NDT Systems built on your standards

Empower your manufacturing facility to automate part inspection, identify failed areas, and get problems resolved.

NDT Machine Selection Guide
Assembly Verification
Heat Treat Inspection
Structural Inspection
Material Sorting
Corrosion Detection
Surface Cracks
Thread Verification

NDT Systems Custom Designed & Built For Your Inspection Needs

Our staff knows that bringing a new vehicle to market – or improving the quality control process in manufacturing – is a top priority for you, so it becomes a top priority for us. You’ll find that Salem NDT inspection systems are readily cost-justifiable because of their superior design and manufacture allows for longer and more effective service life. That translates into less downtime and productive uptime.