Customized Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Solutions

Salem Design & Manufacturing Builds Non-Destructive Testing Machines For Your Eddy Current Inspection Needs

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Easily Test, Detect, and Characterize Metal Surfaces and Sub-surface Flaws

The perfect automated NDT Eddy Current Testing Machines for your next project.

Bar & Tube Equipment Test Machine

Bar, Tube & Wire
Tube Inspection Machines

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Universal Eddy Current NDT Machine

Eddy Current Systems
Uni-Versal™ Robotic Machine

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Spindle Gauge Testing Machine

Gauging Systems
Dimensional Gagging Machines

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Ultrasonic Laser Vision Testing Machine

Ultrasonic Systems
Vision Inspection Machines

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Industries We Serve

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Salem Design & Manufacturing is involved in the Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, Rail, Steel and Nuclear Industry. Using the latest Eddy Current and Ultrasonic testing technologies, our company offers 100% engineering and turnkey solutions to most of the manufacturers in these industries.


Salem Design & Manufacturing works in partnership with leading companies to build machines that automatically inspect metal parts for flaws and cracks using eddy current technology. Using an NDT Machine will help ensure that you are using the best materials and components for each application.

Flaws Cost Money!

Now you can investigate for metal failures using an automated solution

Trusted by the world's strongest brands to:

  • Inspect large and small components
  • Automate detection of flaws & defects
  • Get 3D presentation of all flaws
  • Increase inspection productivity
  • Reduce risks of container leaks
  • Meet all contractual obligations
  • Prevent lawsuits
  • Reduce flaws!

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Choose Salem Design & Manufacturing:
A Robotic NDT System Manufacturer

We help the world's leading manufacturers of critical components to reduce scrap, warranty, and liability costs. We provide turnkey solutions from start to finish by incorporating the latest eddy current testing technologies into robotic and automated systems that can be easily integrated into your production lines.

This immediate flaw detection process enables instant verification of parts that come off your production lines including: cutting, forming, and heat-treating processes. We are proud to serve the inspection needs of agricultural, automotive and aviation component manufacturers around the globe.

Our systems are also successfully in use by manufacturers of raw materials such as bar, tube, and wire. Salem NDT is proudly based in the USA.

Today robotics is bringing to nondestructive testing the same versatility and cost-efficiencies that CNC brought to parts production thirty years ago.Phil Warga, CEO

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You have concerns about imperfect flaws in metals.
We have the perfect metal flaw detection solutions.