Our Capabilities

For over thirty years, the Salem Design & Manufacturing company has custom designed eddy current testing machines for non-destructing testing. We are the ‘go to’ company for all your EddyCurrent (EC) NDT Solutions. We have the best engineers, and we develop the highest quality ECT inspection machines. When it comes to understanding your needs, we’re your solutions partner.

Engineering and design services available at Salem Design and Manufacturing

Quality Control
Quality Manager & Technicians
ensure process control.
All operators trained and
responsible for their own quality

CAD design plans for a new NDT system

Full Engineering Staff
50 years combined experience
make up our capable staff

Building a nondestructive testing machine for manufacturing company

• Modern Machine Shop
• Assembly
• Welding

Custom designed testing system designed to inspect manufactured parts

In Housing Testing
Friction Material Evaluation
Custom Designed & Tested

Quality Control & Inspection Services

Custom Machine Combination Development
New Manufacturing Processes
New Formulation