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Choose The Right NDT Machine

NDT Machine Selection Guide

Salem NDT is here to help you determine what type of Non-destructive testing solution is right for your manufactured components. When selecting an inspection machine, like all manufacturing automation, defining process requirements is extremely important and should drive the design of your system. Testing for defects may seem simple or an afterthought in the larger picture of a manufacturing process. The truth is that detecting defects is a bit more complex than one expects and can cause serious issues with your product. A flaw in a component causes quality issues, a production bottleneck, a maintenance nightmare, a safety risk, and can absorb many labor resources.

We have provided some high-level questions you should ask yourself when exploring a new inspection machine to improve your manufacturing process and ensure the system will bring you value. Once you answer these questions, a Salem NDT expert can help you find the best solution.

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[Note: Sorry, we are unable to provide NDT field services.]