Pre-production Wheel Bearing Inspection Machine

Eddy Current inspection system for wheel bearing, housing, and spindles in the automotive & aerospace industries

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How bearing manufacturers inspect universal bearing parts for safety

Eddy current probe scans I.D of bearing housing. This machine can also inspect housings and spindles. The housing is inspected in 7 different areas or zones for flaws. The robot places accepted parts on a conveyor belt ready for production while rejected parts are separated.

Eddy current automotive bearing inspection system in action

Custom Design and Versatility Delivers Accurate Results

  • Eddy Current Inspection Probes
  • Automatic Part Sorting
  • Integrated Robotics

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With such broad capabilities, Salem Design and Manufacturing partners with corporations to custom design and build non-destructive testing machines that can sort, test and inspect parts to a degree not easily achieved with human or other optical inspection systems. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you to get more details.

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