Laser Marking

Laser Engraving & Part Marking Machines

Powerful, Reliable & Precise Systems with integrated lasers for marking components parts, and products.

Laser Marking Solutions For Metal

Salem Design and Manufacturing can design you an inspection system that incorporates laser machines that can be used to mark parts or materials for 100% traceability. We have experience building custom machines for a variety of industries and can help you choose the best parts-marking method that can be built directly into your quality control process without the need for a separate machine and without melting or changing the dimensions of your part or component.

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking a component, product, or part is simply using a laser to engrave the object. Laser-based marking systems are cost-efficient because they do not use ink or any other consumable or replaceable parts like dot peen marking, engraving, etching or scribing. While laser marking equipment does not offer the same speeds as dot-peen, it is more versatile in the types of marks that it can make.

Advantages of Laser Marking for Traceability

The demand for engine parts and components to be 100% traceable or have a batch code applied is one of the major reasons why laser marking has become widely adopted in manufacturing. Costs of lasers have become more affordable as the demand has grown because of the reliability and quality when compared with traditional part marking methods. Overall, laser marking systems are simpler and more efficient to operate.

Our Laser Marking Systems For Metal Marking

Our engineers will work closely with you to build a custom machine that meets your requirements for part inspection and traceability solutions using the best laser marking technology. The laser marking machines used will have the capability to surface mark or engrave your components with a vector drawing, text, graphics, barcodes or 2D data matrices. All marks are permanent and legible.

Advantages of Laser Metal Marking

The use of laser wavelengths offer many advantages over traditional marking techniques:

  • Durability
  • Non-contact
  • No inks, chemicals or coatings required
  • Thermal control for repeatable precision
  • Automation integration
  • Flexible etching from surface markings to full engravings