Case Depth Testing Equipment

Pre-production transmission shaft inspection system for the automotive & aerospace industries

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Preferred choice for transmission shaft flaw detection

The transmission shaft inspection machine is built using the Uni-Versal Eddy Current inspection system. This machine can test a transmission shaft for flaws or defects. Combing the power of a FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robot and a Criterion NDT eddy current testing instrument, manufacturing operations have the advantage to test materials in small spaces.

Criterion NDT’s CR-11 single channel eddy current test instrument – used to specifically find material defects such as cracks and flaws in components during production processes. This happens in real-time.

FANUC LRMate 200iD Industrial Robot – the best reliable mini robot for process automation.

Transmission shaft being inspected by robots with eddy current probes

NonDestructive Test Applications For:

  • Heat Treat Verification
  • Transmission Shaft Case Depth
  • Crack and Flaw Testing

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