Rockwell HRC Evaluation

Rockwell HRC Testing & Evaluation Machines

The ideal method for quick hardness tests to avoid costly delays

Rockwell C Evaluation and Testing Methods

Industry’s Choice for Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine Inspections

The Rockwell HRC hardness test is a non-destructive testing method performed on the production floor to check the strength or hardness of metallic materials. The machine is equipped with a penetrating tip that instantly checks the material’s resistance without making a permanent indentation. The Rockewll HRC hardness testing method uses a diamond penetrator which allows for a higher accuracy measurement.

This application range and testing procedure gives you a hardness value reading direct without the need for optical measuring.


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Rockwell hardness test insight:

  • Best for large samples
  • Advanced testing methods
  • Standards: ASTM E18, ISO 6508 and JIS Z 2245

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