Tube Chamfering Machine

Tube end deburring with a tube chamfering machine is an effective method of removing small imperfections, which can be troublesome when used on items that have intricate details. The end result provides you with tubes that are prepared for welding.

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The tube chamfering machinery deburrs chamfers and creates precision tubing for the medical and nuclear tubing industries. Tube chamfering machines by Salem Design and Manufacturing are heavy duty machines custom designed according to your specifications. In most cases you will need both internal and external chamfering capabilities for pipe ends and tube finishes.

Tubes are typically chamfered to prepare the ends for welding. Sometimes, however, the process is done to deburr the ends, making them more aesthetically pleasing and safer to handle. Unlike other types of end forming, like flaring or expanding, most often chamfering must be done on a specific tube chamfering machine.

The CNC controlled tube chamfering equipment can offer further capabilities such as tube tapering or tube facing. Such applications require different chamfer tools that have angles to meet he chamfer dimensions.

Features of this chamfering machine

  • Deburrs the I.D. and O.D. face of tubes
  • Size change in seconds
  • Finishing for rounds, shapes, and miter-cut ends
  • No tools or dies required
  • Portable
  • Manual or robot operated options

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Tube Chamfering Machine Example in Action

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  • Engineered & designed for your needs
  • Portable or stationary machines
  • CNC controlled capability
  • Fast & convenient

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