Truck Axle Shaft Gauge Machines

Dimensional measuring system for axle shafts in trucks, heavy duty, and off-road vehicles

Brunner truck axle gauge bench testing system

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Rear Axle Shaft Manufacturing Measuring & Inspecting

Obtaining an accurate measurement of your manufactured axle shafts is easy with one of our truck rear axle gauging systems. Equipped with a gauge that provides compensation feedback, this machine is capable of being robot-loaded and can quickly measure the flange diameter, thickness, overall length, spline diameter, and journal diameter of a variety of different parts.

All measurement axes are servo-controlled so no mastering is required as the operator changes from part to part. The results are displayed and feedback is provided to compensate the turning machines providing you immediate results.


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Axle Shaft Gauging System

  • Dimensional Measuring
  • Compensation Feedback
  • Standard Bench Testing Gauge

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We’re Experienced in Building Axle Gauging Systems for Manufactured Drivetrain & Driveline Components

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