Multi-Axis Gantry Systems

Gantry Systems & Eddy Current Testing Platforms With XY and XYZ Gantry Robots

Flexible and efficient testing robots due to linear axes and moveability

Salem NDT delivers powerful testing capabilities in our custom designed gantry systems that can provide you with a nondestructive testing solution for your application. We can build you a gantry configuration that is simple and low-cost to sophisticated linear robots that are integrated and automated with matching motion control and drives.

Using a variety of eddy current instruments, your gantry system can evaluate composite structures and perform complex scans on metallic structures in a single semi-automatic ECT inspection system.

Gantry robot systems give you the advantage of better positioning accuracy in both large and small work areas. Position accuracy is possible with the help of a modified style cartesian robot that can place parts correctly using two base axes. This allows for more flexible programing and the capability to handle larger loads making them well-suited for moving small items into position.

Need A Gantry Robot System For Inspecting Parts?

Salem Design & Manufacturing is an Authorized Integrator for FANUC robots. From vision systems and industrial component inspection automation, we can deploy a gantry design into an eddy current system with an unmatched level of customization and flexibility.