Non-Destructive Testing Systems For Nuclear Fuel Elements & Reactor Components

Salem NDT designs and builds custom non-destructive testing machines for nuclear fuel rods and nuclear reactor components. We help owners, operators, and investors in the Nuclear Fuels industry meet manufacturing and processing requirements. Contact us to learn more about the best solutions for testing of critical parts in nuclear power plants.

    Nuclear & Heat Exchange Nondestructive Testing & Inspection Machines

    • Ultrasonic Tube Inspection Systems
    • Thimble Tube Inspection System
    • CNC End Facing Machines
    • Break Away Oxidation Tester
    • ECO, Tube Cut, Face, Chamfer, Gauge
    • Laser Bar Code Marking Systems
    • Tube ID / OD Cleaning Systems
    • Robotic Tube Pluggers
    • Tube Un-pluggers
    • ID Grit Blasters
    • EDM Thimble Tube Drilling Machines
    • Robotic Pliger Mill Exit End Automation
    • UT Guardian System
    • UT Guide Roll Stands
    • UT Manipulators
    • 25 Axis UT Manipulator
    • Fuel Rod Assembly System
    • Developed DXALS for Multi Axis Crystal Spectrometer
    • Straightness Gauge
    • Cut to Length / Facing system
    • Straightness Gauge

    NDT Weld Inspection of Nuclear Fuel Rod End Cap Welds – Advantages of Non Destructive Testing

    Nuclear fuel rods are designed to transfer heat from the reactor in order to protect from overheating. If a rod were to develop a leak, the coolant would pass radioactive debris through the reactor. The repair and cleanup efforts would be costly to the fuel manufacturer and utility company. Non-destructive testing machines employ inspection techniques that can inspect fuel rods and end cap welds during the fuel rod fabrication process to detect defects and flaws.

    Fast, accurate, and consistent pre-production inspections for nuclear fuel manufacturers

    Reliable Non-Destructive Inspections for the Nuclear Fuels Industry

    Fuel Rod Assembly

    Non-Destructive Testing Solutions and Technologies

    • Ultrasonic Inspection Systems
    • ID/OD Cleaning
    • CNC End Facing
    • Robotic Integration
    • Gauge Machines
    • Cutting & Facing System

    Salem Design & Manufacturing Builds Non-Destructive Testing Machines for the Nuclear Fuel Industry

    The nuclear fuel industry is dominated by the demand for light water reactors. Uranium is a clean energy source where one uranium fuel pellet can create energy equivalent to one ton of coal. However, uranium needs to be mined and processed before ready to go into a reactor. This creates the need for safe manufactured components (ie. fuel assemblies) that will not fail. Salem Design and Manufacturing is dedicated to helping manufacturers avoid huge safety risks by producing custom non-destructive testing machines to inspect components to prevent catastrophic and costly failures.

    Salem NDT Guarantee

    Custom NDT Equipment By Salem Design & Manufacturing

    Now that we’ve shared how eddy current inspection equipment is used for Nuclear Fuel component testing, learn more about non-destructive testing systems. You’re sure to find no one designs and builds a machine better than Salem NDT. It’s our mission to provide you the best and most reliable Nuclear Fuels non-destructive testing machines on the market. Speak with one of our experts today!