Non-destructive Testing Solutions For The Aerospace Industry

Non-destructive testing (NDT) provides the highest safety standards in aerospace materials and components. Aerospace NDT machines instantly evaluate flaws, detect cracks, and imperfections in aircraft, satellite, missile, and spacecrafts. Learn how a custom NDT inspection machine helps you gain an inspection advantage.

Salem NDT

    Space X Falcon 9 Rocket

    NDT Application in the Aerospace Industry

    • Crack Detection
    • Direct Conductivity Measurement
    • Alloy Sorting
    • Conductive Coating Thickness Measurement
    • Plate Thickness Measurement

    Aerospace Eddy Current Testing – Advantages of Electromagnetic Induction

    Eddy current testing (ECT) is a proven pre-production method to test conductive materials for defects and flaws. There are large numbers of simple parts that go into satelities, missiles, and spacecrafts that must perform their functions safely. The demand for performance and efficiency calls for new alloys and more exotic materials that are harder to machine. Automated eddy current inspection systems provide more flexibility in testing applications while reducing the overall manufacturing costs.

    Fast, accurate, and consistent pre-production inspections for aerospace manufacturers

    Common Eddy Current Inspections for Aerospace

    Common Aerospace equipment components

    Aerospace Components

    Non-Destructive Testing Solutions and Technologies

    Eddy Current Machines Detect:

    • Improper heat treatment conditions
    • Crack and flaw detection
    • Thread and feature verification
    • Assembly verification

    Vision Systems Perform:

    • High-speed part inspection
    • Inline 3D inspection
    • Vision guided robotics
    • Flexible programming

    Salem Design & Manufacturing Builds NDT Machines for the Aerospace Industry

    The Aerospace industry demands lightweight components required to perform critical functions. A single imperfection or component failure can cause thousands of dollars in damage and countless lawsuits when it comes to space crafts, space stations, missiles, and satelites. Salem Design and Manufacturing is dedicated to helping manufacturers avoid huge safety risks by producing custom non-destructive testing machines to inspect components pre-production.

    Salem NDT Guarantee

    Reliable Testing Equipment with Salem Design & Manufacturing

    Now that we’ve shared how eddy current inspection equipment is used for Aerospace component testing, learn more about non-destructive testing systems. You’re sure to find no one designs and builds a machine better than Salem NDT. It’s our mission to provide you the best and most reliable Aerospace non-destructive testing machines on the market. Speak with one of our experts today!