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Non Destructive Testing For The Toughest Industries

Salem Design & Manufacturing’s customers include some of the world’s largest manufacturers of components and parts for cars, trucks, construction vehicles, and nuclear fuels. From turnkey testing solutions for a wheel bearing to complete inspection of manufactured materials, you can find Salem NDT’s products throughout the plant. We specialize in helping manufacturers of complex products reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality.



Construction & Mining

Pipes & Tubes

Agriculture & Forestry

Commercial Vehicles

Bars, Rods & Wires

Targeted Markets
Salem Design & Manufacturing works in partnership with leading companies to build machines that inspect metal parts for flaws and cracks using eddy current technology. We work in business sectors that consist of companies who have found success and gained international attention across the globe in manufacturing.
With a full in-house team of Engineers, designers and developers, we’re industry leading experts.
Markets Aerospace & Aviation, Agriculture, Automotive, Boating & Marine, Construction, Industrial & Commercial Truck, Manufacturing, Military & Defense, Nuclear Power & Energy, Off-Highway Vehicles, Primary Metals, Rail, Recreational Vehicles, Other Industries
Solutions Better Products
Time to Market
Save Time & Money
Minimize Risk
Services Materials Testing
Product Qualification Testing
Industrial Applications: Flaws Cost Money!
Now you can investigate for metal failures using an automated solution

Trusted by the world’s strongest brands to:

  • Inspect large and small components
  • Automate detection of flaws & defects
  • Get 3D presentation of all flaws
  • Increase inspection productivity
  • Reduce risks of container leaks
  • Meet all contractual obligations
  • Prevent lawsuits
  • Reduce flaws!
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